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 Semi - Precious Stone

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Rhodolite Garnet

Mohs Hardness: 7 - 7.5
Specific Gravity: 3.74 - 3.94
Reflective Index: 1.74 - 1.77

Is a unique purplish variety, sometimes with the rich color of grape. 
Originally found in North Carolina, rhodolite garnet enjoys tremendous
popularity in Japan. 

Rhodolite garnet is the purple-to-purplish-red variety of garnet. The 
name 'rhodolite' dates back to 1898,when it was first used to describe
the newly discovered rhododendron-colored garnets found in North 
Carolina. Today, rhodolites come mainly from Sri Lanka, Kenya and 
Tanzania. Rhodolite garnet is designated as the gemstone for the fifth
wedding anniversary.

Rhodolite garnet gets its name from the Greek rhodo (rose) and litho 

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