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 Semi - Precious Stone

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White Topaz

Mohs Hardness: 8
Specific Gravity: 3.53-3.56
Reflective Index: 1.610-1.620
November birthstone: Faithfulness

The name topaz is most likely derived form the old Sanskrit word
topaz (fire). There is a common misconception that all topaz is 
yellow. Pure topaz is colorless, but this well-loved gem occurs 
in a broad range of colors: yellow, brown, pink, red, blue, and 
green. We offer few types of quality blue topaz in a wide range 
of shades. 

Although very hard, topaz is also brittle, and can shatter with 
a single blow. 

Lore: Ancient Greeks called topaz the "Stone of Strength." During
medieval times, topaz was thought to heal both physical and mental
disorders and prevent death.

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